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Important Dates for Property Owners

January 1st

 Property is appraised for tax purposes as to the condition of the land and buildings.

January 1st

 Property is assessed to the person whose name is on the deed as of January 1.

March 1st

 Deadline for filing self-reporting business personal property forms.

March 1st

 Deadline for registering Greenbelt application for current tax year (15 acres or more).

May 1st - 15th


  Assessment Change Notices are mailed. Only owners that have changed the condition of the property will be notified. All others will remain the same as the tax year before. 

(This does not apply to the year of reappraisal,
when all owners will receive new notices).

June 1st

 Warren County Board of Equalization begins meeting.
Appointments must be made by calling 931-473-3450 and must be made no later than June 15.

Important Facts
Warren County has more than 24,000 parcels.

Greenbelt Property is subject to a roll-back tax once the land ceases to qualify for greenbelt status.  The roll-back tax is the amount of taxes saved in the last three years by the property being on greenbelt. Rollback is the difference in market value and use value of each acre over a 3-year period.

The Assessor’s office has no control over your property tax rate, which is established by the Warren County Board of Commissioners, based on their budgets and spending. The market value appraisal is not and cannot be raised or lowered simply for the purpose of raising or lowering property taxes. By law, appraisal values can only change when (1) the property owner makes changes to the property or (2) during the year of reappraisal. The Tennessee Division of Property Assessments audits appraised values in every county to ensure compliance with the law. County-wide real estate sales transactions are reviewed annually to determine if the market values have changed, thus requiring a change in the market value appraisal. The appraisal represents the value of your property in relation to the real estate market. If you disagree with the market appraisal of your property, you should contact the Property Assessor's Office at 931-473-3450.

Terms to Know
Assessor: The elected official whose legal responsibility is to discover, appraise and assess all property in the county.

Appraised Value: The total value of all land and improvements on the property.

Assessment: A percentage of the total appraised value. This total is the figure the County Commission uses for tax purposes.

25% Residential
40% Commercial
30% Business Personal Property
55% Public Utility (both real and personal)

Improvements: All houses, building structures, garages, decks, etc. fixed to the land.