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Finance Department

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Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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On June 11, 2011 the County Commission passed a resolution which placed Warren County under the County Financial Management System of 1981. This act provides for the consolidation of financial functions and the establishment of a financial management system for all county funds handled by the county trustee. (Fee and commission accounts of fee offices are not handled by the county trustee and, therefore, are not included under the act.) The act was implemented on July 1, 2012, as required by state statute.

With the passage of this legislation the Warren County Finance Department became responsible for the administration of funds alloted to the budgets of Warren County Government, the Warren County School System and the Warren County Highway Department. The 1981 Act effectively consolidated the finance departments of these three entities, all of which had previously operated under separate acts established in 1957.

The new system required the establishment of a county financial management committee consisting of the county executive, highway superintendent, director of schools, and four members elected by the county legislative body. These latter four need not be members of the county legislative body, but may be. 

The committee establishes policies, procedures, and regulations to implement a sound, efficient county financial system in and for Warren County. Additionally, the county legislative body authorizeed the financial management committee to assume the following functions: (1) budgeting, (2) investment, and (3) purchasing.

The county financial management committee is required to appoint a director of finance, in this case Justin Cotten. The director oversees the operation of the Finance department and installs and maintains a purchasing, payroll, budgeting, accounting, and cash management system for the county, subject to the policies and regulations of the county financial management committee.

The Warren County Financial Management Committee currently includes:

  • Jimmy Haley, County Executive
  • Levie Glenn, Superintendent, WC Highway Dept.
  • Bobby Cox, Director, Warren County Schools
  • Gary Martin
  • Scott Rubley
  • Daniel Owens
  • Blaine Wilcher

Other functions of the Finance Department include:

  • Administration of several grants
  • Fixed asset and inventory control
  • Human resource functions including employee insurance and retirement assistance
  • Maintenance of county records