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Welcome - A Message from the County Executive, Herschel Wells, Sr.

As Warren County's newly elected County Executive I would like to thank the citizens of Warren County for their support. We are blessed to have a great community filled with wonderful, hard working individuals who, like me, love Warren County and want to make it the best it can be.

In the next four years I look forward to working with you in a concerted effort to move Warren County into the bright future I believe lies ahead after some tough economic times. I pledge to do my best to provide the leadership the county needs to offer its citizens lucrative jobs, an excellent education for our children, essential public services and a safe and clean environment.

Warren County has a reputation for supporting and helping its own when needs arise.  In addition to the large number of churches, community organizations and private individuals that always stand ready to lend a helping hand, there are other local and regional service agencies that provide resources.  The shared goal of these providers and contributors is to ensure that the essential basic needs of the families of Warren County are supplied.

Education will be a top priority of my administration.  The impressive resources available in Warren County are evidence of the importance of education to our community.  Public and private schools serve students in grades PreK-12 and provide the kind of education our children need to prepare them for the future.

Advanced technical training is available at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.  Associate and bachelor degrees may be obtained through Motlow State Community College.  The Mechatronics Program at Motlow prepares students for highly-skilled positions in the industrial environment. The local Mechatronics Program has proven to be very successful and boasts a 100% job placement rate for students who have completed the program.

Growth of established industry and recruitment of new industry is key to the economic vitality of our county.  Long-time industrial residents such as Jarden/Oster, Yorozu Automotive, Bridgestone, Tennessee Warehouse and Distribution and Morrison Tool & Fab consistently maintain high employee enrollment.  The stability of established industries—along with evidence of the growth of younger industries—indicates a positive outlook for future employment opportunities. 

Activity within the Mountain View Industrial Park continues to steadily increase, most recently with the start-up of manufacturing in the second speculative building which is leased to Wisconsin-based Miniature Precision Components (MPC).  Employment projections for MPC have escalated and bids have been awarded for expansion of the MPC facility to accommodate the company’s growth in Warren County.